E-Waste Events

Being an active part of the community is a critical aspect of our business. Many of our partners are non-profit organizations including youth groups, schools, churches, and many other community associations.

Through donations to community organizations who promote reuse, we encourage the sustainability of electronic products. If they are not capable of being resold or are considered end-of-life, we recycle the materials and share the revenues with the partner organization. Actually, CEAR’s commitment to the community, the region, and the state is demonstrated on any given Saturday at our e-waste collection events. We hold over 250 events a year, making it very convenient for the community to recycle their e-waste and for CEAR to share revenue to support such a wide range of civic organizations.

In fact, our collection events are run so logistically efficient that CEAR has broken many records including holding the largest California collection event, resulting in over 880,000 lbs of materials collected on a single day!

E-Waste Events

Our community events are a great way for us to give back to the communities we live in.”
- Lindy Sperry, Marketing & Events Manager

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