Health & Safety Policy

CEAR believes that the health and well being of our employees is critical to our business success, providing greater employee involvement and long-term competitive advantage. Workplace and worker health and safety impacts are considered in all business decisions and actions. We integrate health and safety practices into our business strategies.

  • Commitment CEAR is committed providing a healthy and safe workplace and working conditions. We are committed to the prevention of injury and ill health. We believe that providing for the health and safety of our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and business partners is a cornerstone of building a sustainable workforce and business.
  • Compliance Compliance is the foundation of our health and safety initiatives. We strive to meet or exceed all applicable health and safety regulations, company standards and voluntary initiatives. Every employee of the company, at all levels in the organization, is accountable and responsible for workplace and worker health and safety.
  • Communication and Involvement We actively engage our employees in our efforts and expectations. We value communication and encourage open dialogue with our employees, customers, communities, supply chain partners and other interested stakeholders regarding workplace and worker health and safety matters.

CEAR has implemented and uses an Environmental, Health & Safety Management System to identify and eliminate hazards and to drive continual improvement. We investigate, understand and reduce or correct health and safety concerns. We not only adhere to our health and safety policies and initiatives, we measure and track compliance through audits and management reviews to ensure compliance and continual improvement.