Data Destruction

CEAR is accredited to the industry’s highest standard in data destruction. If the client prefers the option of destruction, we will control and shred any data containing platform, eliminating all risk of inadvertent disclosure.

Data Capture

CEAR’s data capture procedure consists of barcode readers and innovative software that collect all associated numbers and nomenclature related to each IT asset. This data is used internally for tracking purposes, but also serves our clients with customized reports upon request.

Data Wiping

Sometimes hard drives are too expensive to simply destroy and the client prefers to be able to reuse them or resell them. In those instances, CEAR uses a wiping technique that effectively sanitizes the drive and complies with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88. Our data wiping is performed utilizing the most sophisticated software available on the market, and this tool is currently used at some of the world’s largest companies. For additional information on this method, please contact us.

Data Shredding

The media that is brought into our facility or that is retrieved at the client’s site is completely destroyed in our shredder with absolutely no chance of recovery. The entire scrap is then recycled, alleviating our environment of additional waste.

To ensure the integrity of the destruction process, our secure facility is monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras and staffed with personnel who have successfully passed background checks. Destruction can also be viewed online in real-time and a recording of the event is available for a fee.

Upon request, CEAR will generate documentation that includes the pertinent information which distinguishes the incoming media, such as the total weight of materials destroyed, the duration of the destruction, and a certified destruction certificate with the employee’s signature.