When CEAR makes the determination that IT assets are no longer marketable or do not meet the criteria for our ITAM services, these items are processed through our recycling system.


The initial step in our recycling process is pre-sorting. All items are physically separated and harvested for any useable parts. Batteries, toners, and lamps are also removed for further processing.

Manual de-manufacturing

By manually separating material, CEAR can more evenly catalog the scrap, resulting in a purer form of commodity. In addition, the manual handling of items such as CRT tubes more safely removes environmental hazards such as mercury from the scrap stream.

Centrifugal Separation Technology

CEAR employs Centrifugal separation technology to dismantle, shred and separate e-waste, yielding clean commodities. Our entire system uses much less energy than a traditional knife shredder and overall is the most environmentally sound technology available.

State-of-the-art Separation Technology

With a continual investment in superior technology, our automatic separation has been designed to not only manage increased volume, but also distribute the output cleanly.