CEAR with Fork Lift
Sorting and Value Determination

Our IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) solutions have been designed to achieve maximum efficiency and greatest value for every business. When electronic waste arrives at our facility, it is first counted, sorted, weighed, and barcoded.

CEAR then helps our customers recover the initial capital invested in their discarded electronics by remarketing these IT assets through a vast network of carefully vetted downstream vendors. We provide this service by using wholesale businesses, online retail websites, and our own remarketing platform.

Testing, Cleaning, & Repairing

In order to determine the maximum value of your e-asset, CEAR will perform the necessary diagnostic and testing procedures. Our technicians are trained to clean, repair or replace components and bring an asset back to full functionality. They can also offer an expert opinion on whether an e-asset is defective or can no longer be salvaged.


Once a determination is made that the e-asset can be cleaned and repaired, CEAR will re-case the product into new packaging, allowing a quick and efficient track back into the marketplace.