CEAR is a leading provider of electronic recycling services (e-waste). We have been proudly servicing California since 2000, processing and recycling over 2 million lbs of electronic waste every month and diverting over 25 million lbs from California landfills each year.

We recycle for the public, corporations, non-profits, small businesses, schools, hospitals, government and anyone in the community who has e-waste such as computer equipment, monitors, televisions, and any other electronic equipment that could be hazardous to the environment. Our business began with one man’s vision for environmental sustainability and electronic asset recovery. With the inception of California’s Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 and the global need for renewable resources, CEAR has transformed from a small operation to a leader in the recycling industry.

We are ISO 14001 environmentally certified and are also a proud member of the Basel Action Network’s (BAN’s) globally responsible e-waste recyclers. BAN is a world organization focused on turning back the toxic tide by confronting the devastating impacts of unbridled toxic wastes, products, and technologies.

In similar fashion, CEAR maintains an unparalleled commitment to the environment. From our facility’s energy consumption and our processing techniques to the products we purchase for our office, we are committed to practicing environmentally sound methods. Our employees and customers make CEAR a leader in the industry and enrich our commitment to our environment and social responsibility.

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