Environmental Policy

CEAR is dedicated to managing environmental, social accountability and data security matters as an integral part of our business. We are committed to responsible, transparent management of all environmental, social accountability and data security issues and concerns. It is our policy to assure the environmental, social accountability and data security integrity of our operations and facilities at all times and in all places. We do so by adhering to the following principles:

  • Environmental and Stewardship We will employ management systems and procedures specifically designed to reduce our consumption of energy and other natural resources and to prevent pollution by minimizing the generation of waste and maximizing recycling and reuse of materials. We are committed to social accountability and protection of customer data.
  • Involvement and Communication We will communicate our commitment to increasing environmental and stewardship responsibility and awareness among our employees, our suppliers and our customers. We will provide our employees with the necessary training and support to enable them to implement our environmental and stewardship policy. We will inform suppliers of our environmental and stewardship policy and encourage them to adopt effective environmental and stewardship management practices. We will promote participation and solicit input from our employees, vendors and the members of our community in meeting our environmental and stewardship goals.
  • Continual Improvement We will continually seek opportunities to prevent pollution and improve our environmental and stewardship performance by establishing objectives and targets, measuring progress and reporting our results.
  • Compliance We will comply with all laws, regulations and requirements applicable to our operations.

CEAR manages all waste streams ensure that end-of-life materials are processed with a commitment of compliance with all regulatory environmental requirements, preventing pollution and reducing environmental and stewardship impact.